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TigerWolf Crew's DenTigerWolf Crew's Den

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MPD/DID - Welcome to Seeing Through Multiple Eyes: TWCrew's Den

Welcome to TWCrew's Den

Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD) [Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID)],
Sexual Abuse (SA) and Self-Injury (SI) Infomation, Insights, and Resources

Welcome to "Seeing Through Multiple Eyes: TygerWolf Crew's Den". TygerWolf Crew, or TWCrew, is the collective name for our multiple personality system. We created this site to cover multiplicity, survivorship, and a personal view into both. We are survivors of childhood abuse, and in order to survive we had to create many people inside one body. This is called Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD), which in 1994 was renamed Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) by the American Psychological Association.

We're trying to make this site a balance between the information we needed and the chaos we experienced in our early years of recovery with the clinical knowledge and more peaceful life we have now. We hope you find this site useful, no matter where you are in your journey.

    Here is an overview of this site:
* Home = Brings you back to this page.
* Education:
    + Please Know This = What I would like for people to know about about Multiple Personality Disorder and Self-Injury
    + How MPD Works: An Inside View = A simple explanation of why MPD is created and how most systems work on a basic level using the metaphor of an office setting.
    + MPD Overview = Provides the primary symptomatology, secondary features, etiology, and treatment modalities for Multiple Personality Disorder.
    + History & Research = An in-depth research paper covering the history of the MPD diagnosis, contemporary perspectives, research overview from the 90?s, past and present diagnostic criteria, and a copy of the Dissociative Experiences Scale (DES) which often used as a screening tool for clinicians.
    + MPD & Disability = Our master's level thesis on MPD titled "Differences Between Individuals with Dissociative Identity Disorder Based on Receipt of Government Disability Benefits"
* Support:
    + Healing & Recovery 101 = Key concepts to understand and tips to help you along your journey.
    + Living with MPD = What it's like and what it requires.
    + Reclaiming Sex: Tips for Multiples, Survivors, and Significant Others = An article about how to try to make sex a safe experience for those who were sexually abused, who are Multiple, or who are in a relationship with someone who deals with these issues.
    + Referrals & Links: Therapists and On-Line Support Groups = A quick overview of where to find therapist referrals and support groups on-line.
* Articles/Opinions: A place for us to share opinions about related topics and issues
    + MPD Pride = Stages of pride and coming out Multiple.
    + Reclaiming God: Rediscovering Faith = Our journey, tips, and links for reclaiming a relationship with God in order to heal the spiritual wounds of abuse.
    + Therapy & Memories = Our opinion on therapy and memory work.
* Memoirs:
    + Abuse History = The story of my abuse and the family dynamics that made it possible.
    + Confrontation: Ending the Relationship with my Father = Why I chose to confront my father and how the confrontation went.
    + Pictorial History = Our story told in pictures from birth through high school.
    + Self-Injury: History and Recovery = How we struggled and ultimately overcame self-injury.
    + System Map = The most comprehensive list of our alters and fragments.
    + The Perfect Victim: An Unexpected Side-Effect of Sexual Abuse = How the sexual abuse perpetrated by my father made me the perfect victim for other child abusers.
* Creative:
    + A Poem by Littles = ?The Weather? is a poem our Littles wrote about being Multiple.
    + Listening to the Littlest = ?Listening to the Littles? is an awesome book or simple but powerful poems about parenting and children. I highly recommend it for Multiples who want to now how to better interact with their Littles, and for any abuse survivor who is struggling with understandinging what childhood was supposed to be like. This can also be very useful for survivors and Multiples who now find themselves parenting external children.
    + Tough Topics Poetry = TWCrew has written some poetry about sexual abuse (SA) and self-injury (SI). These may be very triggering, so use caution while reading.
    + Nonverbal Art = We wish we were a real artist, but we?re not. Here are some of our attempts at nonverbal art.
* Unsent Letters = Letters we wish we could send to important people who have been in our lives.
* Contact TWCrew = Send us your questions or comments.

    We created our first website in 1996 when we were 21 years old. At the time we were struggling with severe depression, frequent self-injury, and confusing dissociation. We were officially diagnosed with MPD is the summer of 1996. Having a name for what was going on in our lives was a relief and it was also very frightening. Our first websites were more like on-line journals where we could keep track of what we were learning about this disorder and about ourselves.

Over time the site has made many changes and moved several times. We also have made many changes and moved several times! As we passed the 10th year anniversary of our first webpage, we started over with a new layout and better organization (just like inside, too!). We've survived the toughest years of our lives. We've lived longer than we ever expected (we made it past 30!). We've also accomplished goals we never thought possible.

We completed a BA in Psychology, ended our years of struggling with self-injury, married another survivor and Multiple named Glen, completed a MS in Rehabilitation Counseling Psychology, and reached our life-long goal of being a full-time counselor. I am now in the awesome place of helping others enter and travel through the journey of recovery.

    Chaos is temporary,
    Hope is possible,
    Peace is priceless,
    Recovery is attainable.
    Choose to take back your life every day.
        --TWCrew 2006

TygerWolf Crew

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